New and Open To Ideas & Constructive Criticism

I’m an aspiring writer, with much to learn and still rough around the edges.  My site and blog page is still under construction so forgive the ordinary or lack of perfection.  I am still learning my way around “tweaking” my website and giving it that unique look, so please be patient.  Since I am new to this, I am open to suggestions, ideas and/or constructive criticism…as along as it is constructive and not “lets piss on her corn flakes” day.

I’m going to leave you with this thought:  What would the world be like without absolutely no books?  Can you imagine that?  Words on paper convey feelings, thoughts, ideas, paint pictures, reach hearts, touch souls, move us in different directions, take us to imaginary worlds, relax our minds, make us laugh, make us cry.  Yea–I love a good book.