Black & White written by Blackfeather Moon

Sanai threw her head back and laughed letting her long jet black tresses that lined the top of her head down to the middle of her head fall back over the chair as she nodded her head to the beat of Halestorm’s new song as the melody stormed from the Sony earplug she had in one of her ears.

“What can i say Chaz …..I’m just a white girl trapped in a black girls body. I do kind of get tired of people thinking I’m trying to be accepted into white society.  I don’t do what i do to get accepted …I do it because this is who i am.  I love rock music and some metal too. Nothing fake there.  I always did love rock even as a little girl.  I had to keep that hidden because it wasn’t the “black” thing to do.  I caught H-e-double hockey sticks from my own kind for listening to it.  I love my Dr Martens and punk rock boots and my mohawk hairstyles and my razorblade jeans and leather motorcycle jackets.”

“Sanai, I don’t have a problem with it.  You’re still beautiful to me either way.  But, uh you know I remember a time when you used to listen to hip hop. Run DMC?” said the blond headed guy sitting across the conference table observing his long legged co-worker.

Sanai rolled her eyes and looked over at Alex. “I remember a time when hip hop actually made some sense and had a valid point.  It lost me when women became “bishes” and “hoes”, and it was all about the benjamins and crack houses.  Now, everytime you look at a video all you see is one of us,” Sanai said pointing at herself “somewhere twerking, half naked or in someone’s bed.  I can’t speak for all the females because maybe some of them like what they do, but I myself don’t find that too welcoming. It’s disrespectful and degrading.  Not all black women think so lowly of themselves.”  Sanai got up from her chair, smoothing her skirt down to her knees and walking over to the window.  The conference room was up on the 62nd floor.

“Some of us are lawyers, doctors, teachers, soldiers, fireman ….and I can go on down the line.” Sanai looked back at Alex and smiled.

Alex smiled back at her, letting his grey eyes take in every one of her assets as she looked out of the window.  He’d known Sanai since they were kids in elementary school.  They grew up in the same Queens neighborhood which was all Jewish and Italian.  Two black familes moved into the neighborhood.  Sanai’s family was one of them.  His family was Italian.  One half of his family legitimate.  The other half –not.  Sanai was not only his best friend since 3rd grade but he’d had a crush on her since then. “Just admit it Sanai …you love cream in your coffee.  Hey, it’s okay with me.  I keep telling you I’m free but you won’t go out on a date with me.”

“Oh Hush Alex.  I mean look at you.  You are the typical Wall Street guy.  Now look at me.  We are so opposite that even the sun and the moon are like “no no no nononono”

Alex laughed and Sanai laughed with him.  He loved that about them.  They could agree to disagree and still smile together. “Sanai, I am not narcisstic and,” he looked her slowly from head to toe “you have no idea just how hypnotizing and attractive you really are even in your very modern mohawk.  Did Judge Faren really tell you he liked your hair?” he asked comically,

Sanai threw her pen at him and walked back over to her chair checking her watch. She looked back over at Alex as he held the pen he caught in his hand winking his eye.  She rolled her eyes at him.

“You know sometimes, I could just….”

“What?” Alex asked.  One eyebrow arched as he goaded his friend.  “Kiss me?”

Sanai looked at him. “Will you stop already.”

“I have an idea.  It’s hot!  I think this would really work.”  Alex looked at her with one of his devious smiles.

“Uh oh. Time to disappear.”  Sanai closed her iPad and put it in her leather Piel backpack.

“Oh come on Sanai. Please here me out.”  He dropped down to his knees in his $4,000.00 Armani suit.

Sanai stopped packing her bag and glared at him.  This had to be serious for him to go to this extent.  She knew Alex always spent a fortune on his clothing and here he was on his knees for her. She had to stifle a laugh. Picture a black man on his knees in a $4,000.00 Armani suit. NOT!!! Yea. That’s probably why she liked the cream in her coffee.  She smiled to herself.

“Okay Alex,” she sighed.

“Look, how far do we go back Sanai?”

“Since elementary school Alex. Why?”

“We’ve been friends for almost 30 years. Both of us went to the same law school together. Go out on a date with me.  No, no,”  Alex had been pondering this for some time now he knew what he wanted-what he’d always wanted and had never been brave enough to ask. “Sanai,” he took her hand and kissed it, watching her eyes widened in shock.  “Please be my girl?”


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